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Are Cavachon Hard to Potty Train?

How Do You Potty Train a Cavachon Puppy?

These dogs take well to potty training and need to be trained similarly to other dogs. You should have a plan before you bring your puppy home. 

Designate a place where your puppy will use the bathroom. While “outside” maybe good enough when your dog is older, it is best to have a specific spot when they are puppies. A couple of yards is often large enough. 

By providing them with a specific location, they’ll associate that spot using the bathroom more readily. It is much easier for them to associate that specific spot with the bathroom than the whole outdoors. 

Some people decide to invest in an indoor potty area for these dogs, as they need to be taken outside very often. It depends mostly on what your home is like. Those in apartments may not want to walk their puppy down the stairs every few hours. 

This is an entirely appropriate option. However, plan on using this potty space for a while. Once you teach your dog to go to the bathroom indoors, they will likely continue to do so in the future. Weaning them off of it isn’t so simple. You’d be potty training them twice. 

Next, you should set up a specific schedule. A consistent feeding schedule helps, as these dogs will often base their potty times on their eating times. 

You should plan on taking your puppy outside every two hours. At night, the puppy will likely not drink as much and therefore hold it for longer. Many may need to be taken outside in the middle of the night until they get a bit bigger. It depends on the size of the puppy and their ability to hold their bladder. 

Either way, taking your puppy outside first thing in the morning and last at night is essential. You want to make the time your puppy has to hold it at night as short as possible. 

If your puppy doesn’t use the bathroom when you take them outside, you will need to take them outside every thirty minutes until they do. This is to prevent accidents. The goal is to catch your puppy when they need to urinate. If they don’t when you take them outside after a two-hour wait, they likely will in thirty minutes or so. 

Any time your puppy uses the bathroom in the correct place, give them lots of praise and a treat. Dogs usually pick up on this quite often. 

If your dog does have an accident indoors, it is crucial to take responsibility for it – not blame the dog. Often, it isn’t the puppy’s fault, but some problem with your scheduling. You should be catching the puppy every time they need to go outside. If you aren’t, then you need to re-evaluate your schedule.

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