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How Are Cavachon with Other Dogs?

Are Cavachon Puppies Aggressive?

Not typically. It is rare to find an aggressive puppy. However, some puppies are a bit more unsure than others. 

Most aggression in puppies will arise due to fear. They are scared of their situation and feel the need to protect their selves. 

The best thing you can do for these puppies is focused on socialization. Take them to a puppy class so they can socialize with plenty of dogs in a safe setting. After some time, they should learn that interacting with other dogs isn’t scary, which will reduce some of the reactive aggression. 

Furthermore, we recommend working with a professional if your puppy is very aggressive. 

Often, high-quality breeders will socialize their puppies from the moment they are born. Many of these puppies have already been around many different dogs and people, which reduces the odds that they will be scared. After all, it’s their regular.

However, puppy mills and some backyard breeders don’t understand the importance of socialization. These puppies may not get any socialization with other dogs. Therefore, when you adopt them at eight weeks, any new dog they encounter may be a scary experience. 

This tends to be most accurate with puppies from puppy mills. Usually, these dogs don’t leave their small kennel until they are adopted. Therefore, everything will be new ad potentially scary. 

If you want a Cavachon puppy that isn’t aggressive, you need to invest in a puppy from a quality breeder. These usually cost a bit more money, but you’re investing in the puppy’s future. Usually, breeders put far more time into their puppies than others, which is why they charge more. You’re getting more with these puppies. 

Final Thoughts

Cavachon dogs are pretty neutral when it comes to other dogs. If you socialize with them, they can quickly become friendly and love other pups. 

However, if you don’t socialize them, most will become fearful and potentially aggressive. It depends mainly on how they are raised. 

We highly recommend taking them to puppy classes, as they allow them to interact with other dogs. We recommend this even if you have experience owning dogs. Puppy classes are just as much about socialization as they are training. 

You can’t rely on these classes alone, though. As soon as your puppy is up-to-date on their vaccination, you should take them with you into the public as much as possible. 

Take them to the park and pet-friendly patios. Visit pet-friendly stores. Most hardware stores and pet stores are friendly to dogs. You can also check to see if there are any dog-based events near you. Many towns have events that center around dogs, where your puppy can meet lots of different canines.

The more positive, controlled exposure you can provide, the better of a family dog your Cavachon will become!

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